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I Think That She Knows (4/?) - I did that once... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tits McGee

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I Think That She Knows (4/?) [Jun. 3rd, 2011|09:19 pm]
Tits McGee
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Title: I Think That She Knows
Media: Fanfic
Rating: PG
Genre: angst/romance
Word count: 984
Characters: Kurt, Blaine, Mercedes
Summary: Blair's little brother has a birthday party.  The girls meet up with Michael, who seems distracted.

Kate went over to Blair's house for the first time just a few short weeks after they had met. It was Blair's younger brother's birthday, and she had so humbly requested a non-related female companion for the occasion. Kate was honored that Blair had thought of her, and hoped that this meant that they were well on their way to a real-life relationship. Kate imagined the two of them kissing on the swingset in Blair's back yard, children happily eating cake around them. It would be just like a scene from a movie.

Unfortunately for Kate, Blair failed to mention that birthdays at the Anderson household meant a little more work than just passing out ice cream cake to her brother's friends. It meant reigning in dozens of hyperactive pre-teenage boys who had more interest in hitting each other with plastic swords than maintaining the pristine condition of the Andersons' back yard. This, of course, meant cleanup duty after the boys had gone home. So, when Kate showed up at the house in her typical stiletto heels and sweaterdress, Blair burst into laughter.

"What's the problem? Is my skirt too short?" Kate asked, tugging at the hem of her dress.

Blair glanced at the fabric right above Kate's knees and shook her head, smirking. Leave it to Kate to wear that dress to chase 10-year-old boys around. "It looks fine. You're just a little overdressed is all. We're kind of on cleanup duty today. And energy management duty." Kate blushed, and Blair was sure that it was the most adorable blush anyone had ever done, ever. "No big." Blair continued. "I have some old jeans that will probably fit. You're, what, a four? Six?"

"Thereabouts. I'm sorry that you have to-"

"Hush." Blair laughed, waving Kate's worries away. "I have clothes that haven't fit in years. Consider them yours." The two raced up to Blair's room to get changed. Kate stood at the threshold of the room for a moment, soaking the entire scene in. This was Blair's bedroom. This was that magical place where she spent her childhood. This was where she spent her nights and undressed before she got in the shower.

Blair's laughter shook Kate out of her thoughts. "Come get dressed, Fool!" Blair called. Kate grabbed the jeans and t-shirt out of Blair's hands and self-consciously shimmied out of her dress to change clothes. Blair covered her eyes to give Kate a sense of pseudo-privacy. She managed to sneak a peek or two from in between her fingers, though, and kept her eyes focused on her friend's navel. Her stomach was a ghostly white, reminding Blair of portraits of Marie Antoinette. The pale pink bra covering her breasts made something grumble in the hollows of Blair's spine. She shook away the feeling and focused instead on the way her jeans fit so snugly and perfectly on Kate's narrow hips.

That didn't help.

With a sigh, Kate shimmied Blair's t-shirt over her shoulders. "You can look now." She mumbled.

Blair giggled, not wanting to share that that she had already been looking. "You look fantastic," she cooed, mussing up Kate's hair a bit. "ready to serve cake to twenty hyperactive boys?"

Kate smiled. "If you're there, I'm ready."

Four hours later, the two girls slid into the same side of a booth at Breadstix. On the other side of the table, Kate's friend, Michael Jones, was checking his watch. "Y'all are late." He sighed.

"We were cleaning up after my brother's birthday party." Blair mumbled, indicating a frosting stain on her shirt. "Sorry we're late."

Michael shrugged, flagging down the waiter. "Excuse me, I know it's not on the menu, but I was wondering if you had..."

"Tater tots? You must go to McKinley. I'll bring some out." The waiter laughed, patting Michael on the shoulder.

"What's up with the tater tots?" Blair asked, examining the pastas on the menu.

"Coach Sylvester took over the principal position and got rid of the tater tots at school. Everyone has kind of been going nuts." Kate said into her menu. "Michael has been dying for some tots all week."

He stared into space. Kate shook her head and turned to Blair instead. "Have you seen the last season of 'the L Word yet'?"

Blair looked around the room, keeping eerily silent. Kate bit her lip nervously. "Of course I have!" Blair blurted out. Kate giggled into her bread sticks.

"You had me so worried!" She squealed.

Blair grabbed her hand over the table. "Okay, on the count of three, let's name our favorite Curve Magazine cover." She shrugged her shoulders excitedly. "1... 2... 3..."

"Michelle Rodriguez" they said in unison.

"Oh my goodness!" Kate screeched, her hands flying to her face.

"Stop it!" Blair moaned out at the same time, a laugh rising in her voice.

"Just... how flawless is she?" Kate said, grabbing hold of Blair's arm.

"So fabulous. Did you see her on Lost?" Blair fanned herself excitedly.

"Um, yes! So jealous of Sawyer." Kate smiled. "Michael, what do you think?"

His eyes sprung open. "What? Totally. I completely agree."

"We're talking about Michelle Rodriguez, sweetie." Kate muttered.

Blair looked at Kate with big doe eyes, and then to Michael. "I think we're boring him. We can talk about something you're interested in, bro. How about the Buckeyes this season? I'm pretty interested in football, you know."

Kate giggled. "Way to fulfill the stereotype." She reached out for a high five from Blair. Blair shook her head.

"I'm sorry. I'm just distracted tonight." Michael sighed.

Kate grabbed onto his hand and smiled. "I got you. Now, tell us about what's going on in your world."